Platelet Rich Fibrin

L-PRF stands for leukocyte platelet-rich fibrin, which is a 100% natural, biocompatible substance found in our blood. The L-PRF can be separated and condensed into a matrix of highly concentrated growth and healing factors, which are released slowly and gradually over time. It has been shown to reduce postoperative pain and discomfort and to improve wound healing.

When used in bone grafting and sinus lift procedures, L-PRF can be utilized to promote accelerated bone regeneration and to strengthen current bone structure, both of which are intended to improve jawbone density for patients who may initially not be considered good candidates for dental implants. It can also be used in ridge preservation techniques and to promote more rapid vascularization and healing in extraction sockets.

To begin the treatment process, we obtain small vials of blood from your arm and place them into a centrifuge. The centrifuge then rapidly spins the vials until a compressed clot of fibrin is separated from all other elements present within the blood. It is then flattened or compressed until all excess serum is squeezed out, effectively leaving a condensed matrix of platelet-rich fibrin. This can be used on its own as a grafting material, as an addition to other bone grafting materials, or as a barrier membrane for guided tissue regeneration.

After preparation, the L-PRF matrix and bone graft are inserted carefully into the targeted treatment area, helping to stimulate the accelerated regeneration of both bone and soft tissue.

Our practice has found great success with using L-PRF for socket preservation, bone grafting, and sinus augmentation. It is an all-natural, easy, and economical way to improve your surgical results.