Virtual Surgical Planning

Virtual Surgical Planning, or VSP, uses computer-aided design and 3-D printing technology to help plan placement of your dental implants in the most ideal position, resulting in more optimal prosthetic outcomes.  It takes much of the “guess-work” out of the surgical procedure, shortening surgery times and sometimes even allowing for minimally-invasive, or flapless, surgery.

By merging your cone-beam CT scan (CBCT) with a scan or models of your teeth, we can accurately place, size, and angulate your implants on the computer.  That virtual treatment plan is then used to fabricate a rigid clear plastic surgical guide, or stent, using a 3-D printer.  The stent guides the drilling process and ensures that the implants are in the planned positions, allowing your dentist to restore them in the most ideal way for you.

While VSP may not be necessary for very straightforward implants, for more complicated cases it is an invaluable tool.